2018 “Full Day” of Planespotting in Miami | With Heavies | 50+ Minute Compilation

As expected, I have archived a lot of stuff from my last visit to Miami. Although I was trying to post videos of individual planes, I started to get tired of individually editing and decided to just compile everything into a compilation. This video will also function as a test to see if you all actually prefer compilations as well.

The video was taken from by the train tracks adjacent to RWY 09 near El Dorado Furniture. When it comes to spotting at Miami, I only feel comfortable by 9 as it the only open spot that I know of where you have a decent view of continuous action without the obstruction of a fence. Each moment in this video happened in chronological order.

For most viewers, There might be an audio issue that should be fixed by listening at around 25% volume.

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Intro song: Ikson-Alive (https://www.soundcloud.com/ikson)
Camera: Sony RX10M3
External Mic: Comica CVM VM10II
Airport: Miami International Airport

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