Heavies’ Party: Miami International Airport Plane Spotting 08/19 (ATC/Flight Information)

(Clarification: All rail tracks in this video are not operational at the moment.)

Thank you for watching another plane spotting video! These footages were taken during a recent trip to Miami, FL, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Miami airport (MIA) is the major gateway to South/Central America and Europe. It is one of the best airports in US for plane spotting and photography for the following reasons:
1. A great variety of international carriers and aircrafts, more than 25 foreign airlines have regularly scheduled operations with heavy wide-body aircrafts.
2. American Airlines operates its 5th biggest hub here, with plenty of 777s/767s.
3. Runway and wind patterns are simple. East wind is more common in any season. Flights from South America tend to land on 9; Flights from Europe tend to land on 12, except Lufthansa A380 which usually lands on 9.
4. Relocating between the spotting locations at 9 and 12 only takes a 5-minute drive. Last minute runway changes won’t make you miss the shot.
5. Nearly all heavy aircrafts land between 14:00 to sunset. It only takes a few hours to get a shot of everything, less pain more gain.
6. Both landing runways have a good spotting location on the south side, which means you don’t have to deal with backlit.

Here is a list of Aircrafts featured in a chronological order:
1. TUI fly Belgium B767-300ER
2. TAP Portugal A330-200
3. SAS A330-300
4. Air Berlin A330-200 (Tail unpainted)
5. American B777-300ER
6. American B777-200ER (One World Livery)
7. Iberia A330-300
8. China Airlines Cargo B747-400F
9. Lufthansa A380-800
10. British Airways B747-400
11. Austrian B767-300ER
12. American B767-300ER
13. Alitalia A330-200 (Old Livery)
14. American B767-300ER
15. Qatar B777-300ER
16. Virgin Atlantic B787-9
17. Avianca Perú A330-200 (New Livery)
18. American B777-300ER
19. Aerolineas Argentinas A330-200
20. LATAM Argentina B767-300ER (LAN Livery)
21. Lufthansa A380-800 (Turnaround)
22. Austrian B767-300ER (Turnaround)
23. American B777-200ER
24. Aeroflot A330-200
25. American B777-300ER
26. SWISS A330-200
27. Turkish B777-300ER
28. Air Europa B787-8

Camera: iPhone 7 PLUS
Editing Tool: iMovie

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