Spectacular Landing at Miami Airport MIA on a Beautiful Day, with American Airlines B757

American Airlines flight from Quito UIO, Ecuador.
Flight was AA932, operated with B757-200 reg. N653A.
25 February 2015.

16 Replies to “Spectacular Landing at Miami Airport MIA on a Beautiful Day, with American Airlines B757”

  • OnBoardHD - Flight Experience says:

    Really amazing!
    Congratulations for this video, I think is one that all would like to record… 🙂

  • Bevon Xavier says:

    wow… i never fly on a plane before…. but after watching that bird eye view… of that landing…. its amazing… i will like to experience it next year…great job flight crew and captain…

    • Erick Alex says:

      I love airplanes..

    • NJV says:

      Hope you get to fly one day soon

    • Martin Theiss says:

      Its not a difficult process to go through.  With the experience international AMR (Parent company) pilots would need to have in order to have the sonority to win the privilege of international codes all of what you saw would be old hat to them.  Plus the head cabin attendant said they were registered to be “primarily residing” at the airport so to speak as it comes to flight assignments so they would be very familiar with the routes and procedure of landing at this particular airport. Its not that fancy at all come to think of it.

    • Vincent Hodges says:

      +Anthony Kernich i got scared at my first one

    • Anthony Kernich says:

      +Bevon Xavier flying is one of the most amazing thing that one can experience – once you do it once, you want to do it over and over again

  • Lioness Es says:

    Miami is truly a gem!

  • KC Gilbert says:

    That definitely was a beautiful day.

  • Jose Araujo says:

    Miami muito bonito visto de cima!! bom filme parabéns.

  • MrAirplanefreak777 says:

    Beautiful view of the ocean from the air.

  • Wyatt Brown says:

    that aerial view of the Miami coast was spectacular

  • Ricardo says:

    Spectacular view, I love that city. Good friendly people, tidy, warm and very beautiful city, I hope to return soon, I love it!

  • Fred Herrman says:

    Really nice. Try adding some dissolves for the cuts in your next video. But this was beautiful.

  • gravelydon says:

    You got the $0.50 aerial tour of Miami.